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BRT Components
1. Dedicated bus lanes separated from other regular traffic
2 bus lanes (one for each direction) and a passing lane in some locations to allow passengers on express buses to bypass busy stations
Each bus lane is 3.5 m wide
No barrier between the bus lanes (i.e., which allows BRT buses to overtake each other if necessary)
Special pavement design to accommodate BRT bus axle loads
2. Lane barriers
For roads with 40 m right of way (distance from property line to property line)
    - 1.6 m island (median)
For 30 m right of way
    - 25 cm curbstone
Foundation and conduit for lighting
Communication Lines
3. Modern, safe articulated buses
Can carry more than 120 passengers
Low floor buses (bus height same as height of loading platform at station)
    - On-board information and security system
    - Surveillance cameras
Electronic station announcements
On-board payment
Run on a 3-minute frequency during peak periods alongAmman’s busiest corridors.
4. Integrated fare collection system
Electronic payment system
Traveler information system
Passengers in many stations pay the fare at the station before even getting on the bus.
5. High-quality stations
Functional and modern design
42 m long platform capable of accommodating large number of passengers comfortably
Information system (including electronic signs, maps, etc.)
Security system and cameras
Ticket vending
6. Terminals and park-n-ride facilities
Modern terminal at Sweileh and Mahatta
Interchange between BRT (and in the future rail) and other services, including buses, taxis, and private cars
Service and commercial amenities
Landscaping and pedestrian facilities
7. Pedestrian facilities
Adequate sidewalks
Clearly marked cross-walks, often controlled by traffic signals
Pedestrian tunnels (University of Jordan)
Pedestrian bridges

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