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Did you know

Amman BRT is expected to reduce the distance traveled using private vehicles by 85 million kilometers per year and the distance traveled using taxi by 12 million kilometers per year.

Each BRT bus can accommodate up to 150 passengers or equivalent to about 110 private vehicles considering an average 1.4 people per car currently in Amman

Waiting time between BRT buses (headway) will not exceed 90 seconds during peak periods

4000 native trees (requiring less water and care) will be planted on median islands separating BRT lanes from traffic lanes along corridor 1 (Sweileh – Mahatta)

Reduce trip time from 1 hour 5 minutes to 30 minutes

Public transport functions in the capital were handled by the Public Transport Regulatory Commission until November 2007

There are 400 large buses, 350 minibuses, 3200 service cars, and 11000 taxis in Amman

700 modern bus shelters are being installed over the next 12 months at various locations in Amman

142 million passengers will use the BRT each year


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