Bus Rapid Transit Network within Greater Amman Municipality Strategies

The implementation and development of the BRT system is part of a comprehensive advanced transport and traffic plan in the Greater Amman Municipality, where the capital Amman has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, which has exacerbated the traffic crises in a capital with a population of 4.5 million.

Amman Comprehensive Plan, in which the City Growth Plan is a major part of its components, seeks to create a sustainable city, in terms of society, economy, infrastructure, services and environment. The ability of the citizens of Amman to move through an effective and integrated transportation system was a key principle in the strategies of the comprehensive plan, as this plan concluded that a city the size of Amman requires the existence of collective transport means to meet the needs of transportation, especially after establishing and developing a modern road system in previous years. This enhanced the dependence on private vehicles, which caused a

continuous increase in traffic volumes and traffic crises. One of the most important goals and objectives of 2025 is to raise the percentage of public transportation use from 14% to 40%.

* Public Transport Services improvement Plan in Amman consists of the following elements:

1. Establishing an effective legislative and institutional environment.

2. Improving public transportation services for existing users which include:

- Increasing the number of buses

- Raising the specifications of the buses (air-conditioned, low floor, electronic payment system)

- Installing modern bus stops and street furniture.

3. Developing of a rapid transit network that includes a modern and efficient public transport system with :

- Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

- Light Rail and Metro (LRT)