Al- Mahatta Terminal Connector Package General chart

Construction of the infrastructure of BRT, Almahata link project

Project Description:

The project includes the construction of a BRT dedicated bridge with a 150m length that is linking Al- Istiqlal Street andAl-Mahatta passenger terminal to be built within the terminal complex, besides the construction of a 80 meter lane for BRT in Al-Istiklal Street . in addition to the complementary works of sidewalks and rainwater drainage network .


Bab Al-Sharq Contracting Company


Greater Amman Municipality Department of BRT infrastructure

Tender value (not including provisional sum

(1,327,975) JOD

Provisional sum

(144,100) JOD

Tender value (including provisional sum)

(1,472,075) JOD

Commencement date

19/11/2019,(240) days

Project duration