Sweileh Terminal Package General chart

Sweileh Terminal

the construction of Sweileh BRT main terminal Tender No. (219/1/2017)

Project Description

This project includes the construction of BRT’s main terminal in the area of Sweileh intersection . the terminal consists of five floors (basement floor and four upper floors) with an approximate total area (20,000) square meters to serve departures and operation management , also it includes the construction of an under passing entrance (tunnel) and an over passing exit connecting to the existing systems of elevators as well as escalators, and structural works for sunshades with a skylight.


Al-Masar and Ahmad Yousef Al-Tarawneh Consortium


Greater Amman Municipality Department of BRT Infrastructure

Tender value (not including provisional sum

(12,543,359.350) JD

Provisional sum

(1,852,400) JOD

Tender value (including provisional sum)

(14,395,759.350) JD

Commencement date

30/05/2018,(730) Days

Project duration