Sports City Intersection Package General chart

Project Description:

The works include the construction of two over-passing vehicle bridges above the existing bridge (for the traffic flowing from Jordan University Street towards Al-Shaheed Street and for the traffic flowing from Al-Dakhilya intersection towards Al-Sharif Nasser Bin Jamil Street) with a total length of (500 m). The works also include the construction of a U-shaped underpass in the existing vehicle bridge, in addition to a BRT terminal, a BRT track, sidewalks works, and a drainage network for rainwater.


Haymour Cousins & Partner Contracting Company


Dar Al-Omran Infrastructure and Environment Company.

Tender value (not including provisional sum

(6,698,045) JOD

Provisional sum

(1,815,000) JOD

Tender value (including provisional sum)

(8,493,364) JOD

Commencement date

9/6/2018,(600) days

Project duration