the Jordan University package General chart

Project: Construction of the Infrastructure for the BRT / Jordan University / Sweilah - Yagoz / Tender No. (2018/1/125)

- Project description:

This project is divided into two packages:

Package 4 located in-between the Jordan University’s Mosque and the Sahafa tunnel intersection. The works include the construction of a 2.5 km BRT track , bus terminals, retaining walls, 3 pedestrian bridges (served by elevators &escalators), and an expansion of the 2 existing pedestrian tunnels.

Package 4 (b) located in-between Yaguz Bridge and Sweileh intersection. The works include the construction of a 900m BRT track stretch, a bus terminal, retaining walls, and the rehabilitation of pavements along the route.


Joint Venture of Al-Masar United Contracting Company and Ahmed Youssef Al-Tarawneh &Partner Contracting LLC


Greater Amman Municipality

Tender value (not including provisional sum

(10,089,456.53) JOD

Provisional sum

(2,265,450) JOD

Tender value (including provisional sum)

JOD (12,354,906.53)

Commencement date


Project duration

390 days