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The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project

At the heart of our vision of a rapid transportation network for the city of Amman, a flexible and fully-integrated public transportation system that provides rapid, safe, and highly reliable service shall soon exist. The concept revolves around large-capacity buses that operate on dedicated tracks to provide a high level of serviceability. The buses shall travel at intervals of no longer than 3 minutes to and from modern fully-integrated terminals.

Amman’s BRT will be the centerpiece of a fully-integrated and hierarchical public transport network. For instance, a citizen requiring traveling from her/his place of residence to the workplace may require more than one intermediary (means) of transportation. In addition to designing a fast bus system, the need for a wider network of other specific intermediaries such as regular buses or smaller vehicles is needed to complete the network. This auxiliary network aims to get passengers to the nearest fast bus station in the fastest time possible, which will reduce the waiting time and provide a seamlessly smooth and convenient service.